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jones industrial average was up 150 points on signs japan could be getting the upper hand and he cuts it down to size and the news breaks he is saying he will threaten his people and then trade is fighting out, some cutting out, and others back in, so it finishes up 160 points so they dismiss the crazy guy for now. if you needed the prove, the forces are alive and well at wall and broad. but who wins? the one trying to contain the nuclear menace or the other being a many nasa. and what do you say? >>guest: we are at a crossroads and we are in a global economy. it is amazing 24 slash -- 24/7, and everyone is happy with the nuclear contains and muammar qaddafi comes out and stocks fall apart so we don't know from minute to minute or day-to-day the next headline and it makes it difficult to ride the roller coaster. >>neil: global events dictate the market. will that be the rule for a while? >>guest: it will be the rule for a long time. the foreseeable future. the two events we are talking about, were unforeseen. we were not thinking libya would fall apart six months ago or for see we hav
stock market meltdown, stocks hit hard after a top european energy official all but said japan hang it up. the european union's commissioner for energy today warning that the nuclear power plant in japan is and i quote, "effectively out-of-control," and the situation could deteriorate. traders here did not like it one bit like they did not like later news that wholesale prices here were way up and home construction here was way down. for investors, way, way, way too much. the dow jones industrial average dived 242 points and it continues. and now, gary says they have reason to be nervous. gary, what is going on here? >>guest: you said it, it is all the above. but you know my complaints, the high of the wholesale prices in three or four decades but the fed, the people that are supposed to be on the look out to watch these things and to do something about it, say there is not any inflation and a big motto is, if they don't start doing something about it the market will and that is what the market is doing right now. of course you had one heck of a catalyst with japan, housing which ha
than 300 points in early trading today and it's recovered about half of that over concerns that japan, questions whether they factored in the nuclear disaster here and neil will bring us context and perspective and i'll see you tonight 7 eastern, 6 central on the fox report. until then, good night from japan. it was bad. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and it has gone nuclear. experts saying, today, there is evidence of a breach at one of the damaged reactors. it is raising fears that more radioactive material could be released. japan now considering using helicopters to pump water on the damaged reactors in a desperate bid to school down the fuel rods. 140,000 people living near the reactors are being told to seal themselves inside their homes. reports today radiation levels are ten times normal. just 15 miles from tokyo. and people are looking to get the heck out. a lot more on all of this with donald trump who says this panic is justified. first, to the corner of wall and broad on if the panic on wall street is justified. what do you think? >>guest: the market has put on a good
seawater in the reactor to cool them down. we will have continuing coverage here in japan, the sunrises in 45 minutes in frow and -- minutes from now. and "your world," with neil cavuto begins next. >>neil: from radiation fears to radioactive here, japan jolting stocks, four a while jolting our own with the dow jones industrial average skidding 150 points before coming back with a loss of 52 points but still under 12,000 far different situation in tokyo. the nikkei plunged 63 points and more than 6 percent as the world wants, waits and worries. welcome, everyone, here is what we know. japanese officials say the fuel rods are likely melting at three reactors, 230,000 units of iodine are sent to centers as a possible treatment. and one airline is scanning all flights but no radiation has been found yet. and a world-wide retake on nuclear, this is incredible, the eu, switzerland, germany, saying they will review their nuclear operations. and in the united states, senators calling for emergency hearings with top utility chiefs to check our operations in the next 24 hours. japa
, japan where the death toll from massive earthquake is rocketing. local media reports say it could top 1,000. then quake-damaged nuclear reactor, cooling system down and radioactive vapors are being deliberately released. fire is burning out of a refinery outside tokyo. enormous damage was reported there. reports that trains are missing, passenger boats just gone and damage estimates now saying at least tens of billions of dollars. wall street reporter, with thousands of people as their buildings were shaking. what is it like there now chester. caller: i can tell you i've been walking on 12 inches of liquefied mud. we are going up to what we think is helicopter to take us up to action. we are shocked how the earth is falling apart in this part of tokyo. this is all new land that has been reclaimed from the ocean. it was a big concern if a big earthquake i am looking down and it ain't pretty. >> neil: what about the city itself. tokyo gets credit for making buildings stronger, not necessarily earthquake resistant. i know it's dark there, what can you tell us? >> we got the first rays of s
rebuilt japan and germany after world war ii and we rebuilt korea and i have no doubt that we will be the country that will pay to rebuild libya. by the way, the two largest countries that get the most foreign aid are egypt and israel, which both together get about $4 billion a year. that's the biggest expenditure. the total cost of foreign aid, i looked up the numbers for you, we are spending $25 billion to $30 billion a year often the foreign aid to all of the nations and when you look at the pathetic record of what foreign aid has achieved you have to wonder, maybe this is the first thing that republicans in congress should cut. >>neil: what is scary, when you look at all the up rest throughout the region and the country would have benefited they are not exactly slackers, it is not exactly as if we are opening up wallets for darfur but giving money to extremely rich countries, like giving a coupon to a billionaire, he could say, well, this is nice ... but i don't really need it. >>guest: given the price of oil, maybe those countries like saudi arabia just give us foreign ai
. for critics ripping japan for the handling of mess wait until you see this, it should be enough to shut those guys up and the battle of libya heating up white the president and vice president ... they look detached. someone says these images, harmless though they may appear, harm. what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky sirloin burger soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.™ >>neil: look at something, get which is the before? guess which is the after? there you have it. this reportedly took six days for them to fix. six days. now for those criticizing japan for its response to disasters, i don't about you, but ... in this country we have trouble filling potholes in a decade. this country dealing with hundreds every day burying bodies, and dealing with body parts and a nuclear disaster, and fixing roads, and dealing with loved ones who are missing or long gone, and we if this country are lecturing them about getting the job done! that would be like me walking into a fitness center and saying, "speed it
getting to or from japan is getting crazy. muammar qaddafi, hours after saying he would abide by the cease-fire he is firing, again, continuing the attacks he stopped against rebel-held towns and why he is firing the shots, in this crazy world, he is the guy calling the shots much the u.n. guys? maybe they are just shot. introducing the thunderbolt by htc. immense power. scorching speed. the first phone strong enough to run on the fastest, most advanced 4g network in america. ] ] ] ] [ woman announcing ] every subaru is responsibly built in a zero landfill plant. so it's no wonder they fit so naturally with spring. come to the subaru love spring event. get a subaru, and go love spring. [ man ] spring is finally here. lease a 2011 legacy 2.5i for $199 a month, now through march 31. host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: do dogs chase cats? ♪ 70's era music sfx: tires squealing ♪ 70's era music sfx: tires squealing vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> and the middle east version of civil war is at it again, muammar qaddafi at i
calm in japan. and, tonight, "on the record," with greta, the former minnesota governor is her guest. from new york, when you have to know the news you have to go to greta and now "your world," with neil cavuto. >>neil: thank you. your gas? he's going down. do not assume your price the at punch will go down, too, because, today, we will connect the dots and muammar qaddafi ain't alone. he has company and we have big problems my friends, the front and the crack pot. we debrief. you decide. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. and to look at the big board today you would think, well, must be big relief, right? no fly means buy. stocks are soaring partly on relief that the libyan thing seems to succeed. and the u.k. prime minister saying the coalition forces have already neutralized libyan air defense and muammar qaddafi seems to be on the rope. sorry, it is not that simple. i could bore you with the minor $39 billion at&t bid for t-mobile or that oil finished today lower than what a barrel was getting last night, all welcome developments. here what is not: the nut is still there.
germany or japan or the far east we are reprioritizing? i got the nothing you were looking for total cuts? >>guest: well, there will be cuts, there will be savings because to assume that the federal government in only the area of defense spending is not making any mistakes is not finding wasteful spending, that is a mistake as it would be to do in any discretionary spending. >>neil: so let me ask you the $600 billion budget for defense, and rand paul said he was looking for $60 billion in savings, up to that amount, at the very least. in other words saying that everything is fair game. what did you thing of just that? >>guest: well, i don't do figures but we put forward an actual fact into the congressional resolution, the continuing resolution we put forward which is $14 billion from the house republicans so we have set the precedent we have to have savings and to put arbitrary number is unhelpful. >>neil: but you have to do figures. you have to do that. >>guest: after responsibly going through, finding out what is necessary, what is unnecessary, what is wasteful, what is the trance form
>>neil: quick, which does not belong and why? libya, on fire. yemen, on protest alert. japan, on nuclear watch. oil prices, up, on all. and, the president now pushing offshore drilling in ... brazil! welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. what is the portugese term for "drill, baby drill." it is not happening in the united states, the exort bank is lending $2 billion to brazil's oil giant to look for i'll offshore, not off our shore, off of their shore which shore ain't sitting well with republicans who say the president is drilling, looking in the wrong place and to a furious oil c.e.o. what do you make of this? >>guest: it mean we will not be drilling here and that is an absolute shame. absolutely unbelievable. question are losing jobs, we are struggling in this country, and we are needing more energy security in a world that has gone crazy with all the places you mentioned, to think we are supporting drilling in brazil and we are in the doing it here if this country is absolutely amazing to me. not only is president obama finally making good on the promise to create energy j
could face something like what happened to greece, what is facing japan, and what is facing most of selfized world, that -- civilized world. it will take dramatic changes and bold leadership. we are not seeing that and we need to inject into the debate and see if we can influence the debate saying we have to balance our budget. here is how. we need a plan. not a ten year plan or a 60 year plan but in the terms of someone's office, someone has to step up and take responsibility for this debt. >>neil: you are getting to be a skunk at your own picnic. i thought of your colleague and what he said about the stopgap measure today. this is great mcconnell. >> it is the first time i can recall in the tomb i have been here, actually cutting spending. on an appropriations bill. >>neil: what do you think of that? >>guest: we have to put in perspective our annual deficit has tripled, and now we are going to have a percent cut in the deficit when we tripled deficit over the last few years? that is not enough. if it were enough to just get a little bit better than the democrats, i would be con
would say we don't need to. japan doesn't have any oil wells, are they worried? there is an international market that will always be there and you can always buy oil. what we need is to make sure if there is a true shortage of oil you have a free market answer to the problems, but, today, we are not allowed to drill for oil, you cannot build nuclear power plants. >>neil: you would put the focus on drilling here rather than trying to pay off friends there? >>guest: at least logicallize it and make sure we had -- we cannot get into the oil shale and we have barrels of that but environmentalists keep us from doing that and we do not know what is the best answer but the market should decide that. we have not had a nuclear power plant in three decades, but maybe electricity is a good option to help our automobiles if necessary, and we could produce a lot of electricity for nuclear power. but i don't think there would be a cut off of oil if we did not protect all of the countries. if we were not protected saudi arabia and the others who are dependent open us the oil w
plants in the united states are feeling the plane from the disaster in japan saying a lack of parts is forcing a cutting of production at factories in the united states, including possibly ohio and indiana and more. we will keep an eye on that. protesters rallying against wal-mart today outside the supreme court of the united states. justices hearing arguments on a sex discrimination case that could make america's biggest private employer a defendant in the biggest class action lawsuit with billions at stake and with me now to explain what this means for business and the country, and to the recovery, the judge, andrew napolitano. >>judge napolitano: this would be enormous, six former employees of wal-mart sued wal-mart on behalf of every female that has ever worked there or is working there now, claiming they all suffered some form of discrimination and they persuaded a judge in northern california to allow six to sue on behalf of 1.5 million which is called a half action. only the six from to prove the case and? they do, and the supreme court does not interfere did 1.5 million will
countries in the have melted.hat shooting video kind of an unsafe environment worldwide. japan, we export $60 billion to them and they export 120 billion today's us. that is going to slow down. i'm concerned about consumption and the fact that 80% of our gdp is based on consumption. if the consumer pulls back because of higher prices, because of continued unemployment, because of the impact of lower real estate prices, what happens to our economic growth? >> neil: that is a worry. >> that is more of a worry than inflation. >> neil: what of the deal is back? when you see at&t plunking down close to $40 million to get t-mobile. big pharmaceutical and big banking deals. a lot of big deals. across ocean deals. the new york stock exchange. obviously there is a willingness for corporate guys to open their wallets. why? >> part of the reap why the market is up is because of good corporate earnings came from low cost if not zero cost of money and the fact that they laid off many employees and got increases in productivity. >> neil: no doubt but they he wouldn't do this if they had a dire outlook
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15